Trailer Reaction Challenge

React to the Marvel Rivals trailer and pocket some cash rewards!

Get ready for the Marvel Rivals trailer reaction challenge! Film and share your Reaction to the Marvel Rivals Trailer on YouTube or TikTok for a shot at scoring some serious cash rewards! Take a peek at the detailed rules below to jump in!


Event Timeline

- Video Submission period: March 27 to April 9

- Ranking announced: April 15

- Reward distribution: April 30

Video Content & Submission Details

1. Video Platforms:

YouTube, TikTok

2. Requirements:

(1) Content: React to the Marvel Rivals Trailer and do not include irrelevant content

(2) Other: Original, first-published content with the hashtag #MarvelRivals

3. How to Participate:

Step 1: Post your reaction video during the event with the hashtag #MarvelRivals

Step 2: Click the link to submit the video to finalize your participation! 


4. Event Rewards

(1) Prize Pool Sharing

① Prize Pool Upgrade: As the number of submitted videos increases, the creator prize pool grows!

Initial: $3,000

200+ videos: $5,000

500+ videos: $8,000

900+ videos: $10,000

② Prize Pool Sharing Eligibility

1) When a creator's single video reaches designated views (YouTube: 500, TikTok: 1,000) during the Submission period, they qualify for prize pool sharing.

2) Each creator can only qualify for prize pool sharing once.

(2) Views Leaderboard

① Submission videos on YouTube and TikTok are ranked separately based on views.

- Creators can only receive one leaderboard reward. Only the highest-ranking video is considered for the reward, with any additional eligible videos passing their reward eligibility to the next highest-ranked creators.

② Junior Leaderboard rewards unlock at 200+ submissions; while Deluxe Leaderboard rewards unlocked with 500+ submissions.

③ Creators can earn both Leaderboard rewards and Prize Pool Sharing rewards.

(3) Marvel Rivals Official Creator Program

Outstanding creators have a chance to join the Marvel Rivals official Creator Program.


1. All submitted videos must be original, first published, and aligned with the event requirements.

2. Video publication and form submission must occur within the Video Submission period.

3. Creators must submit their own videos; alternative submissions are not permitted.

4. Rewards will be distributed based on the information provided in the video submission form. Please make sure all the information provided is correct.

Rewards and Views Leaderboard Details

Cash rewards will primarily be distributed via PayPal. For regions without PayPal, contact us via the payment information collection email.


The final interpretation of the event belongs to NetEase Games. Marvel is not the sponsor of the event or the provider of prizes. For queries, visit the Marvel Rivals official Discord.
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